China Glaze Below Deck

Her er Below Deck, fra China Glaze, igjen fra Anchors Away kolleksjonen. Denne skal visst være en dupe for China Glaze Channelesque, som er en discontinued lakk fra 2004(tror jeg). På bildet har jeg ett litt tykt lag, men jeg tror jeg ville brukt to tynne lag, mest fordi det er vane for meg å to lag. Jeg hadde ingen problemer med denne, den la seg pent med en gang.

China Glaze Below Deck is a possible one coater. On the picture I have one thick coat, but I think I would use two thin coats for a full manicure. It’s supposed to be a dupe of Channelsque from 2004, and from the swatches I’ve seen, they’re for all intents and purposes dupes. The more I wear this color, the more I love it. I have also used this as a base color with little dots on the tips, and it lasted for 5 days with NO chipping! Now that is something you don’t get from really cheap polishes.

Hva synes du om denne lakken?



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