Utfordring dag 15, din eldste lakk

Jeg har skrevet om denne lakken før, det innlegget kan du se her. Outside The Line fra Orly er desidert den eldste lakken jeg har, og jeg tipper den er ca. 10-11 år gammel.

Litt vanskelig å legge, men det er vel kanskje ikke mer å vente etter så lenge?


Old polish from Orly

Jeg tar dette på engelsk, siden dette på en måte er en tag fra Loodieloodieloodie, om gamle neglelakker 🙂

A couple of days ago I saw a blog post about old nail polishes here (http://loodieloodieloodie.blogspot.com/), and I when I thought about it, I have an old nail polish too 🙂 It’s from Orly, and I think it’s about 10-11 years old. Here is the bottle:

It’s pink, and the name is Outside The Line. As a nail polish addict, of course I had to try it on, and here’s the result.

Bubble Gum Pink 🙂 I got a few nail polish ridges here and there, but it wasn’t very hard to paint with. The first coat dried quite quickly, but the second (and third) wasn’t dry when I removed the polish.

Outside The Line might look like a creme, but it’s actually got some pretty nice shimmer 🙂

It’s not a typical “me” polish, I’m not very into pinks, but I think it’s a nice color.

Do you have any old nail polishes?